How to Care for Frizzy Hair in Monsoon

The hot and humid conditions make my hair go frizzy-crazy! I am not alone! Says Google. Some people tackle hair issues on a daily basis. Thankfully there are ways to tame your mane effectively!

Rain god has decided to take a pause and things are back to normal. After one of the heaviest rainfall in the last ten years received in Noida and the rest of NCR  everybody is back to the grind today. The biggest indicator of this is my domestic help. She has come for work today full of beans. Everything is normal but for my HAIR.

The hot and humid conditions make my hair go frizzy-crazy!
Photo: Tumblr

The hot and humid conditions make my hair go frizzy-crazy!
I am not alone! Says Google. Some people tackle hair issues on a daily basis. Thankfully there are ways to tame your mane effectively.

Everyday is a Bad Hair Day in Monsoons!
Bad Hair Day! Photo: Tumblr.

What causes frizzy hair?

Hair get their frizzy look when it loses moisture and natural oil. The dry and coarse hair strands give that shingled roof look to your hair surface typical of frizzy hair. That's a different story if you were blessed with frizzy hair genetically. Most likely its you who is making you hair frizzy by your actions. Follow these tips I have discovered to tame the frizzy locks effectively.

1. Do not use a coarse towel

Stop being rough with you hair when its wet. If you rub a coarse towel over your hair it can cause damage to the exposed cuticle- your hair's outer layer. Always use a soft towel to rub your hair dry lightly after you shampoo. Better still wrap the towel over your head loosely to let it soak excess  water in the hair. Else let the hair dry naturally. Then lightly brush, comb or run your fingers to untangle the hair. Apply leave-in conditioner if you are not averse to chemicals.

Use soft towel to dry your hair lightly
Use soft towel to dry your hair lightly. Photo: Organically Hatched

2. Do not miss on conditioning your hair

Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to restore health, shine and moisture balance back in your mane. Choose a conditioner that's rich in protein which helps in reducing frizz and creating shine. Shop for protein solutions and use alcohol-free products. Alcohol dries your hair setting you up for frizz. Switch to salon-quality products as they are not supposed to last long on the shelf so they have less harsh ingredients like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfates vis a vis your regular products. 
Use protein conditioner once every week
Use protein conditioner once every week

3. Do not brush dry hair 

Avoid brushing after your hair has dried. Brushing stretches your hair and disrupts the cuticle leading to breakage. Wet your hands and finger-comb your hair to tackle the frizzy mess particularly on a humid day. Fight the urge to brush!
Do not Brush Dry hair
Do not Brush Dry Hair

4. Do not over use blow dryer 

Blow dryer, straighteners and curlers expose hair to unnatural levels of heat. Limit the use of  these appliances as it dries out the moisture in hair making them brittle and leading to breakage.Spin a round brush through your hair as you blow dry to help smooth the cuticles flat. Blow dry only the roots to give hair-lift and avoid  blow drying the hair shaft and hair tips. One good tip would be to use leave-in conditioner before any heat treatment. Always dry downward to smooth out the cuticles rather than going against it which would otherwise give it the frizzy look.

Blow Dryer Exposes Hair to Unnatural Heat
Do not Over Use Dryer, Straighteners and Curlers

5. Use natural oil to eliminate frizz

Natural oils rich in Vitamin E and Argan oil eliminate frizz better than synthetic products as they are absorbed into the hair. Natural oils help fight frizz, static, flyaways and split-ends while giving your hair a natural shine. Synthetic silicon moisturizers stay on top of the hair making it appear dirty. However natural oils can make your hair look greasy. If your scalp is oily or hair are naturally oily then use it sparingly and do not apply near the roots.

Argan Oil Reduces Frizz
Argan Oil Reduces Frizz. Photo: Marrakech Xante Pat

  6. Do not skip regular haircuts

Regular haircuts keep in check split-ends and breakage thus reducing the frizzy look. Getting haircuts is good for the growth and health of your hair. Get your hair trimmed once in every six months as a thumb rule to reduce the appearance of frizzy breakage.

Get regular Haircuts
Get Regular Haircuts for Growth & Health of Your Hair

7. Quick fix for your frizzy tresses

Dab a regular moisturizer  on your hand and run your fingers over the frizzy hair if you are in a fix and need a quick solution to tame your tresses. Lotion will smooth out your frizzy hair in a snap. Be careful to use little of it else it will make your hair look very oily.

Lotion Saves the Day. Your Quick-fix for Frizzy Hair
Lotion Saves the Day. Your Quick-fix for Frizzy Hair

8.  Turn it to your advantage

One great fix is to don hairstyles that make you look smashing with the frizz adding volume and texture to your hair. Check out 8 gorgeous hairstyles for frizzy hair.Personally I like to braid my hair or tie them into a neat bun on a hot and humid day.

Gorgeous Hairstyle with Frizzy Hair
Gorgeous Hairstyle with Frizzy Hair

How do you fight frizz? Did you find my tips useful? Share your story with us and join the conversation.

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