Life in Noida - Parks

Noida has now become a most preferred destination for living. The well planned city boasts of a well maintained green cover in the form of parks dotting the residential sectors. These are the lungs of Noida.

Noida is a well planned city with  modern urban structure. Town planners have ensured that the world-class infrastructure in Noida is in harmony with the environment. No wonder Noida has come out on top as the most preferred city to live in according to a Real Estate survey by published in Hindustan Times. The best thing the urban planners have gifted the city is the open green spaces - parks.

                                                  Lush Green Parks of Noida
Parks are the perfect haven from the clamor and cacophony of the city. The lush green parks dotting the residential sectors add beauty as well as provide much needed respite from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Parks are the lungs of Noida.

                                                     Refreshing Morning Walk 

Nothing compares to the refreshing morning walk to kick-start your day. Yoga in open is also a good alternative. In contrast to the calm, peaceful mornings parks reverberate with sounds of kids of all sizes and shapes playing pitthu, cricket, football and what not. While taking a stroll one could not miss the banter of elderly reminiscing their yesteryear. The ladies indulge in harmless  bahu-mandli gupshup (chit chat) after their daily dose of fitness (walk). Bahu-gaatha and Aaya atyachaar invariably are part of the daily rants.

                                   Yoga in Open Green Spaces of Noida

It is unfortunate sometimes the patrons act in conflict of each others interest. In Jalvayu Vihar, sector 21 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) turned the parks into ornamental gardens. Children were barred from playing in these parks fearing damage to the greenery. This led to a clash between the kids along with their parents, RWA and the elderly responsible for this move. The Noida Authority's intervention brokered an amicable solution to this dispute. Areas in the sector were reserved for children to play in while other parks were earmarked for beautification by the RWA.

The parks in the city have their own stories to be told. Some have been encroached upon while others faced the brunt of  neglect. Lately the sector 47 park is making headlines. Noida Authority's decision to construct a commercial complex  in a well developed park with over 200 well grown trees instead of at the space allocated under the master plan have faced the wrath of the residents. Over 300 residents along with the environmentalists and city based NGOs protested to save the park. The issue however took a violent turn and landed up a resident in the hospital.

                                                                                    Courtesy: Hindustan Times                     

It is commonplace to use the sector parks as party grounds for birthdays and marriages. But it is after the party the impact of such use or you may say misuse is evident. The heaps of disposed muck lying around for days, slushed and littered parks and garbage tells the story of abuse. The clicks of slushed and littered park  below makes the disgust apparent. The case here is of a marriage in this particular sector. The house was pretty dolled-up and a huge pandal for the Mehndi & Ladies Sangeet  function was set up in the park. The party itself was a huge hit. But the park hasn't recovered from this merry-making since.

                                                           Noida Sector Park - After the Party Scene

The parks enhance the quality of our life in the city. Its common knowledge, neglect and disregard for the nature leads to dire consequences. Apathy of citizens, RWAs and the authority would ruin the lungs of our city. These green spaces need regular cleaning and maintenance. The upkeep and maintenance of parks is our collective responsibility.

All images are clicked by the writer otherwise credited.