Wow That Black!

Of course I like a rainbow. But there are certain things in this world that I like them only in The BLACK. To paraphrase dear Henry of the Ford Motors I like any car as long as it is black....okay lets change any car to a big car and more specifically an Aston the one Daniel Craig drives in the Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace'. So here is my first Black desire ~ A BLACK Aston Martin.

A classy car and a classy BLACK dress to go with it. Wow...I mean...simply wow!

I maybe a road person who loves to know the city like the back of my hand. But I don't mind spending some 'me' time comfortably lounging on my BLACK recliner sofa with a book and ears plugged to some soothing music.This is called being in the lap of luxury!

Don't you feel blessed being born in this age and time. I do..feel totally blessed being in an era of hitech luxury and modern toys aka gadgets. I love to spend sometime with my sonny bashing up goons and driving in fast lane on the play station console. Psst you know how I desire that latest sleek and sexy BLACK PS4 that promises an experience bigger, bolder and more immersive!

My Black desires are too many...the list is endless. But to prune it down to five, lastly but not leastly, I would put  a BLACK iPad on the list which will keep me connected to the virtual world and my blogging community. No surprises here as everyone knows bloggers have a bigger social life in the virtual world!

Black looks classy, Black is cool
Black is sexy, Black is worth a drool

Black is bold and Black is beautiful 
Wow! That BLACK!

Image Source: Aston Martin, Black Dress, Recliner Sofa, PS4, iPad

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