Story Based Summer Camps for Kids in Noida

Summer holidays are round the corner, meaning schools will close down soon for one-and-a-half month. OMG time for parents thinking how to keep their hyperactive kids busy, Right?!   

Hakuna matata!!!

Read our exhaustive guides on summer camps in Noida city. There's a great line-up of summer workshops designed keeping in mind all the age groups - from toddlers to teenagers. The workshops offer a wide range of activities too - artsy, creative, mind-tickling and playfully outdoorsy. There's something for everyone!

Summer Camps in Noida
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Noida has an array of summer workshops to keep your kids creatively busy and off that idiot box. Kids may learn swimming, join football or karate clubs and make their own local teams and have fun at the sports camps. Kids can also  pick up an activity of their choice to develop as a hobby and also learn new skills.  These workshops offer opportunities to learn dance and music, enjoy theater workshop, get artsy with painting and clay modelling or develop culinary skills. Children with scientific aptitude can opt for the robotics and science oriented workshops.

Noida Diary brings to you a series on Summer Camps in Noida on all the activities going around in the neighborhood. Firstly we are taking up some Story-Based Summer Camps in Noida. So check our guide out for summer camp venues and activities and register your child with one of the skill-building fun programs this summer. Kids, it's time to learn, play and create!

Story Telling Based Summer Camps

Story based summer camps ideal for your toddlers pack in crafty activities, interactive story-telling sessions, reading books and dedicated theater training sessions for final Stage Show performance by the kids themselves. These programs are being held at Trips to Tales, Sector 26; Kathashala, Sector 50 and Story Telling and Arts and Craft Classes, Sector 39, Noida.

Summer Story Telling Program at Trips to Tales, Sector 26, Noida

1. Trips to Tales Summer Story Telling Programs 

Age group: 4-7 yrs
Where: Trips to Tales, D-77, Opp. DPS, Sector 26, Noida 
When: May 18 - May 29, 2015 (Monday through Friday) 10AM-01:00PM
Contacts: 9871885013;  0120-4237823

Activities: Craft activities, interactive story-telling sessions, reading books and dedicated theater training sessions. Final Stage Show performance by kids and display of props and products designed by kids on final show day!.

Story Telling Sessions and Brain Box Quiz

2. Story Telling  Sessions and Brain Box Quiz 

Age group: 21/2 - 8 yrs | 7- 9 yrs
Where: Trips to Tales, E-86, Sector 39, Noida 
When: May 18, 2015 onwards (Morning and Evening Batches) 11:30AM-01:45PM
Contacts: Sonia Munjral 9999368991, 9873787993

Activities: Story telling sessions accompanied by art and craft fun. Also custom designed quizzes based on Olympiads formats for kids in 7-9 years age bracket. Rewards and certificates to be earned!

Summer Splash with Stories by Kathashala at Ravi's Noddy Play School

3. Summer Splash with Stories by Kathashala

Age group: 2-3 yrs | 4-7 yrs | 8-10 yrs
Where: Ravi's Noddy Play School and Day Care, A 56/1, Sector 50, Noida 
When: May 11 - June 12, 2015
Contacts: Simi 9811112187, Roohi 9818885554, Priyanka 8800194005, 0120-4267329

Activities: The camp has variety of activities based on age group aimed at enhancing their concentration power through Yoga and Meditation; skill enhancement and personality development through theatre and role plays, creative writing, DIY crafts, paintings, pottery; getting close to nature; educational trip; no fire cooking for youngsters; traditional outdoor games. Transport available on additional cost.
So treat your children this summer to some skill building activities at these summer camps. Do let us know which one did you enroll your kid to. And keep watching this space for more on other summer camps and fun activities.

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