Summer Camps for Kids at Noida Schools in 2015

School Holidays are finally here and with them the Noida city is abuzz with the summer camps. Some of the renowned Noida Schools are offering exciting Summer Camps for kids. These summer holiday programs have loads of  action planned and offer lots of choices to keep your little ones entertained. It is fun time for all during school holidays.

Summer Camps for Kids in Noida in 2015

Noida Diary brings to you a series on the best summer camps available in the city. Check our earlier guides on Story-based Summer Workshops in Noida and Summer Workshops for Kids in Noida.- Dance, Music and Theater

Summer Camps for Kids at Noida Schools

The School Summer Camps are designed for all age groups from tiny tots to teens. The camp activities allow kids to explore different areas of interests and build life skills.The activities range from learning art and craft, music and dance, computer skills, clay modelling, no fire cooking, developing math skills, robotics, theater and several other interesting ones too. These are fun and learn programs!

Let us take a look at the summer camps on the block this season.

Summer Camp at Ramgya School, noida

1. Summer Camp at Ramagya School Noida

Ramagya Summer Camp is a supervised program for children. Fun and edutainment activities for children aim to make them active and use their leisure time to fruition at this camp.

Age: 3-5 yrs (5 days a week); 6-16 (6 days a week)
When: May 18 - June 17, 2015
Timing: 09:00AM - 01:00PM
Where: Ramagya School, E-7, Sector 50, Noida
Contact: 9810333555, 9540922689, 9540004050
Activities: Dance, Action Rhymes, Theater, Art and Craft, Computers, Creative English, Sensamatics, Karate, Jhatpat Cooking, Yoga, Meditation and Aerobics, Skating, Swimming, Nukkad Naatak, Film Making and TV Production Course

Summer Camp for Kids at Pathwatys School, Noida

2. Pathways Rediscovering Minds Summer Program

Rediscovering Minds is a two-week summer program is designed to encourage learning through various modules in a fun-filled and motivating atmosphere. The program aims at preparing children to build a more meaningful life and bring value to the world around them.

Age: 3-6 yrs; 7 -14 yrs
When: June 01 - June 12, 2015; Showcase June13. 2015
Timing: 09:30AM - 02:00PM (Including lunch)
Where: Pathways School, Sector 100, Noida
Contact: 9560166200, 9560178222
Activities:Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art, Fun with Technology, ICT. Indoor Sports - Swimming, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Chess and Carom

Summer Camp for Kids in Noida at JBM School, Noida

3. Summer Camp for Kids at JBM SChool Noida

An enrichment camp  at JBM School, Noida aims to provide safe, fun and skill based experience to the campers. Activities are divided into three groups A (Outdoor Sports), B (Indoor Sports) and C (Visual and Performing Arts). Campers can pick one activity from each group. Each activity offered to the campers is for a duration of one hour. Air-conditioned transport is also available at additional cost.

Age: 4 -16 yrs
When: May 18 - May 30, 2015
Timing: 08:00AM - 11:00AM
Where: JBM School, E-7, Sector 50, Noida
Fees:  INR3000/- ; A/C Transport - INR1000/- (Optional) 
Contact: 9910153515, 9910153516
Activities:Visual and Performing Arts - Art and Craft, Dance, Communication Skills in French/English. Indoor Sports - Shooting, Billiards, Table Tennis, Judo and Karate, Yoga and Gym. Outdoor Sports - Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Roller Skating, Football, Horse Riding, Swimming

Summer Workshop at Genesis Global School, Noida

4. Genesis Learning Studios Summer Workshop 2015

Summer Workshop at Genesis Global School is offering eight programs based on the specific skill in focus. These workshops have different age criteria, time schedule and fee structure. Know more about these workshops here.

 Where: Genesis Global School, A-12, Sector 132, Expressway, Noida
Contact: 8588826198
Activities: Horse Riding, Swimming, Kathak Birju Maharaj Parampara, Barry John Theater Workshop, Photography Lab IIP, Western Dance - The Danceworx, The Robotics Lab and Toddlers Camp - Summestival. 

Summer Camp for Kids at Manthan School in Noida

5. Funtastic Summerz Camp at The Manthan School

A two-week summer camp where kids get an opportunity to perform on stage on completion of their theater workshop. While those joining the Robotics Workshop will get a chance to participate in international compteitions. Snacks and juices will be provided to the campers. Transport is also available at additional cost.

Age: 6 -14 yrs
When: May 18 - May 31, 2015
Timing: 09:00AM - 12:30PM
Where: The Manthan School, Sector 78, Noida
Contact: 7533005957, 9643304760, 9643304761
Activities: Robotics Workshop, Theater Workshop with Purak, Arts and Craft Workshop, Martial Arts Workshop, Food Art and Calligraphy Workshop

6. Summer Camps for Kids at Play Schools, Day Care and Activity Centers of Noida

Summer Camps and Workshops in Noida

Besides these schools some daycare centers and activity schools of Noida too have organized Summer Camps. The notable ones are The Little Scholar in sector 19, Windows School in sector 50, The Nest in sector 36, Eurokids in sector 93, Wizkid Academy in sector 122, Bachpan Play School in sector 72, Sanfort Play School in sector 122, Clown Town in sector 52 and Khaitan Pre School in sector 40.

Summer Camp at Khaitan Public School, Noida

7. Khaitan Pre School Summer Camp

Age: 2-7 yrs
When: May 18 - June 12, 2015
Timing: 09:30AM - 12:30PM
Where: Khaitan Pre School, 109/B, B Block, Sector 40, Noida
Contact: 0120-4279318
Activities:Art and Craft, Clay modelling, Story telling with Puppets, Science Models, Animation Design, Calligraphy, Splash Pool, Yoga, Instrumental Music, Skating. Find more about activities here.

Summer Camp at Clown Town Activity Center, Noida

8. Summer Camp at Clown Town, Noida

Age: 2-8 yrs
When: May 20 - June 05, 2015
Timings: 11:00AM - 01:00PM(Monday through Friday)
Where: Clown Town Activity Center, D 2, Sector 52, Noida 
Contact: 8287058061
Activities: Crazy Science, Pool Activity, Flameless Cooking, Pottery, Hollywood Dance, Art and Craft, Gardening, Drawing and Painting, Treasure Hunt, Introduction to Keyboard and Guitar, Environmental Activities, Cultural Day

Summer Camp at The Nest Activity Center, Noida

9. Summer Camp at The Nest, Noida

Age: 3-8 yrs
When: May 25 - June 19, 2015
Timings: 10:30AM - 01:30PM(Monday through Friday)
Where: The Nest - Child Care and Activity Center, B 35, Sector 36, Noida
Fees: INR 6500/-
Contact: 7533006837
Activities: Theater, Dance, Origami, Sudoku, Rubik's Cube, GK Quiz, Art and Craft, Splash Pool, Movies, Board Games
Summer Camp at The Little Scholar, Noida

10. Summer Camp at The Little Scholar School, Noida
Age: 2-10 yrs for camp; 6-10 yrs for other workshops
When: May 18 - June 26, 2015
Timings: 09:30AM - 12:00PM(Monday through Friday)
Where: The Little Scholar, A 687, Sector 19, Noida
Fees: Drawing, Art and Craft INR1500/-, Dance INR2000/-, Abacus INR2000/-, Camp Package INR4000/- 
Contact: Mr R Bhargava, 7532811281
Activities: Coloring, Drawing, Dance, Art and Craft, Splash Pool, Kids Cooking, Clay Modelling, Interactive Games, Role Play and Public Speaking

Windows Summer Fun 2015

11. Windows Summer Fun 2015 

Age: 2-7 yrs
When: May 18 - June 05, 2015
Timings: 09:00AM - 11:15AM
Where: Windows Play Group and Nursery School, E6a, Sector 50, Noida
Fees: INR6000/- 
Contact: Ms Monica Baluja, 0120-4266677
Activities: Amazing Facts For Children - General Knowledge to stimulate their mind, Art and Craft, Western Dance, Story telling, Fireless Cooking, Yoga, Singing, English Conversational Skills. Movie shows are integrated in the program. A Big Party at the end of the camp.  

Summer Camps in Noida

12. Sanfort Play School's Summer Camp

Age: 2-12 yrs
When: May 18 - June 12, 2015
Timings: 09:00AM - 12:00PM
Where: Sanfort Play Schools, PK-12, Sector 122, Noida 
Contact: 8826922690

Activities: Aerobics and Yoga, Tattoo Making, Clay Molding, Pool Fun, Cooking without Fire, Role Play with the Help of Parents, Dance, Fun and Learning with the Smart Board, Art and Craft, Story Telling, Abacus

School Summer Workshops in Noida

13. Eurokids NextGen Summer Fun

Age: 1.5-12 yrs
When: May 18 - June 09, 2015
Timings: 09:30AM - 12:30PM
Where: Eurokids Center, GT-98, Sector 93, Noida 
Contact: Mr Punit Singh 9211245996
Fees: Summer Camp Basic INR3500/-; Eurokids Summer Camp Basic INR4000/-  
Activities: Abacus Chess, Drawing, Dances, English Improvement, Story Telling, Flameless Cooking. Eurokids NextGen Summer Club is powered by E6 approach. Excite, Explore, Endeavor, Eat, Endure, Educate is the philosophy on which Eurokids Summer Club is developed. Eurokids Center is under CCTV surveillance. Transport facility available.

14. Bachpan Summer Camp

Age: 2-10 yrs
When: May 18 - June 08, 2015
Timings: 09:30AM - 12:00PM
Where: Bachpan Play School, Block E, Sector 72, Noida 
Contact: 7533008683
Activities: Art and Craft, Clay Modeling, Cooking and Baking, Educational Board Games, Indian Dance, Music Session, Pool, Western Dance, Yoga

Share with us your thoughts on the summer camps available in Noida. Do let us know if you found this guide helpful. Share with us the summer program which you liked the most and the things you did not like about any particular program. Also which is the most popular summer camp in your locality. We appreciate it if you leave your feedback in the comments section. It helps us improve. 


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