Clubbing and Nightlife in Noida

Noida is fast emerging as a popular destination for party goers with a reverberating nightlife. Noida nightclubs boast of great music, hi-tech sound systems and decors that range from simple to dramatic. The in-house DJs  keep the crowd going with their dance mixes and EDM tracks - dub step, hip hop, techno et al. However, DJs mostly stick to Bolly mixes and Bhangra numbers which is undoubtedly a big hit with the local crowd.

Clubbing and Nightlife in Noida 

DJs and DJanes enthrall you with grooving music

The party scene in Noida and NCR is continuously evolving and recently an exploding number of DJanes have joined the party brigade in a big way. This only tells the number of party hoppers and revelers in Noida is increasing by the day. Moreover party organizers are working with new themes to keep the momentum alive. Weekend parties centered around themes of - Bolly nights, Hip-hop and soulful Sufi music - cater to the diverse tastes of the patrons. However, Retro and EDM seems to be the first choice of much younger crowd.

DJs spin pulsating tracks high on decibel value to build the tempo of a highly charged  atmosphere on the dance floor. While somewhere in world, Brisbane to be precise, DJs are trolling the EDM fans with the fake-out drops of ballad 'True' right when the beat is about to drop. Read more about this prank here. Thankfully the DJs here are cool and graciously oblige with the guests' requests...well mostly.

Club Party Basics 

Mostly parties start at 8pm or 9pm and continue till midnight. Some may even extend up to 4am in the morn. Generally, there is no strict dress code but being reasonably well dressed in a neat and tidy attire (western) is a prerequisite for not being turned away. Some organizers may insist on a dress code though, depending upon the party theme. Certainly, you will have to be 18 years old to enter these clubs.

Most of the pubs and clubs in Noida are clustered in sector 18 and the malls on either side of its main road. Usually the entry for girls is free through promoters' guest list. Check online or the Facebook page of the organizers for the same. You can also check with Noida Diary blog and our facebook page for the details and the latest on Noida's party scene. Walk-ins are also common and the entry generally has a cover charge for stags. Couples can check with the party organizer to get a fair deal with some discounted prices. So all you need to do is enroll yourself before the party by simply pinging the organizers.      

On weekends you can party all night long in Noida...and at some clubs during the week too. So put your dancing shoes on and get ready to groove!

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