Noida Back to the Grind After Rains

After a week long lashing of rains this July Noida people greeted the sight of blue skies with pleasure.

Clear Sky in Noida after the Rains in July

The incessant rains had wreaked havoc with heavy water-logging and traffic jams across the length and breadth of the city. Read more about it here. The skies were quite a contrast with the one in above photo during those days when it was raining cats and dogs. More images of dark cover of clouds in Noida here.

Dark Cover of Cloud during Monsoon in Noida

The entire second week of July was wet, wet and wet!

Only by Sunday the rains stopped in the evening and Monday had clearer skies. While the rains were a welcome breather, from the hot-humid conditions that had built up in the city for so many weeks, but the chaos it created was troublesome.

Rains meant 'No maid day'. Not just her the koodawala (garbage collector boy) won't turn up. The black bags of garbage had piled up and started to reek a foul smell. The laundry pile was another eyesore with clothes refusing to dry. The office goers were at the receiving end of traffic snarls. Kids had their share of misery with no going out and play. But kids somehow find a way to enjoy. The rains meant paper boat races and rain dances of a jolly kind. 

It's business as usual in Noida! 

The worst hit by rains are the daily wage earners- the likes of vegetable-fruit sellers, redhiwala, rickshawala. The street hawkers must be thanking their stars now  for rains mean slim business or nothing at all. Somewhere in a nearby village of Dadri area farmers had a bad fate with their standing crop destroyed completely as the fields got inundated. On the other hand,  the paddy growers are happy to receive good rainfall and are now busy with the sowing of the paddy crop in full swing.

Now with the bright sunny days back in Noida people too are getting on with the daily grind. The hawkers and squatters are back on pavements leaving little room for you to walk. Our domestic help too returned soon full of stories of  water logging in her area. Thankfully, power supply did not trouble this time. Probably it had its share of limelight earlier in June when the power transmission tower fell down. So pretty much life is back on track, Noidawalas enjoy the mundane!

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