Kids Workshop in Noida | March 2016

Great workshops queued up for kids in Noida to keep them creatively occupied during the short school break in March. Noida Diary curated list of amazing activities that children can indulge in over the next fortnight.

Noida Diary: Kids Workshops in Noida | March 2016

Story Monkey is kids' story reading corner where the team promises to instill a passion for lifelong learning through stories and role-plays. This session will involve reading a folktale from Africa - How an elephant got his trunk? Kids will enjoy an elephant craft activity and role plays.    

Age Group: 3-6 yrs
Where:  B-113, Sector 40, Noida
When: March 15, 2016 | 5pm - 6pm
Fees: INR 600/-
Contact: Ms Aashima Mishra | 9899020020
Facebook: The Story Monkey
Activities: Story telling, elephant craft activity, role play

Noida Diary: Tinga Tinga Tales from Africa


The Reading Club brings the joy of reading Japanese and Indian Parables of mighty warriors and ferocious animals, beautiful crafts and foot-tapping musical beats and a lot more fun activities. 

Age Group: 2.5 yrs onward
Where:  A-3, Opp TGIP Mall, Sector 27, Noida
When: Every Friday March 2016 | 4.30pm
Contact: 9810404169, 9818493515
Facebook: The Reading Club
Activities: Story telling, art and craft activity, music, meditation exercises for children, imagination building exercises 

Noida Diary: The Reading Club Story Telling Fridays


The story time program every Friday engross children in beautiful stories that help open their minds and think broadly. The interactive sessions help children develop vocabulary, early reading skills, communications skills, imagination and creativity.

Age Group: 3-6 yrs
Where: Clown Town, D-2, Sector 52, Noida
When: February 26 - March 25, 2016 | 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Fees: INR 1500/-
Contact: Ms Shalini | 9899610522
Facebook: Under the Magic Tree
Activities: Story telling, art and craft, music, speech and drama

Noida Diary: Under the Magic Tree Friday Story Time   

The workshop is a holistic fun and learning activity using creative Yoga, sounds and props original stories and well loved characters will be enacted. Trip to Tales will host Dr Deepshikha Goel, Physiotherapist for an integrated yoga and oral story telling which promotes learning, movement and imagination. 
If you fail to register by March 25th then charges would be INR700/- for last minute registration. Gifts for all participants. 

Age Group: 4-10 yrs
Where: Trip to Tales Center, D-77, Sector 26, Noida
When: March 26, 2016 | 11.30am - 1pm
Fees: INR 600/-
Contact: Ms Rupa Gupta | 9718065414
Facebook: Trip to Tales: Storytelling and Hobby Center
Activities: Storytelling, Yoga

Noida Diary: Story Time Yoga for Kids - Trips to Tales


Nursery rhymes are an engaging and a playful way for young children to hear, identify, manipulate and experiment with the sounds of language. At Once Upon a Time Activity Center the Time to Rhyme workshop aims to try and help young minds to build an awareness of the sound patterns of the language, especially rhyming words. Prior registration is mandatory. Last date for registration is March 19.

Age Group: 2-5 yrs
Where: Once Upon a Time Center, E-86, Sector 39, Noida
When: March 21-28, 2016 | 4.30pm - 6.45pm 
Contact: Ms Sonia Munjral | 9873787993, 9999368991
Facebook: Once Upon a Time - Story Telling and Activity Center
Activities: Storytelling, art and craft, music and rhymes, speech and drama, creative thinking, learn counting sequence for Math skills, Pronunciation and phonic skills   

Noida Diary: Time To Rhyme by Once Upon a Time Center, Noida 

Brain Box is week full of fun-filled quiz based on Asset and Olympiad pattern aimed to enhance IQ of children providing them with some brain-ticklers. Topics cover a wide range - Math, Science, General awareness, Vocabulary, Hindi, Inventions and Discoveries. Prior registration is mandatory. Last date for registration is March 19. 

Age Group: 7-9 yrs
Where: Once Upon a Time Center, E-86, Sector 39, Noida
When: March 22-31, 2016 | 12pm - 1pm 
Contact: Ms Sonia Munjral | 9873787993, 9999368991
Facebook: Once Upon a Time - Story Telling and Activity Center
Activities: Mental Math, Quiz, Competitions 
Noida Diary: Brain Box Quiz by Once Upon a Time Center, Noida   

This amazing workshop for older school going kids provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the Media industry. In the 3 week program children will visit Zee News Studio in Noida twice. The workshop will involve various activities related to Newspaper and anchoring. March 18 is the last date for registration. 

Age Group: 12-17 yrs
Where: Film City, Sector 16A, Noida
When: March 21-31, 2016 | 9am - 5pm 
Fees: INR 6500/- 
Contact: 9711132049, 9654694745 
Facebook: Nurturing Young Seeds
Activities: Learn basics of Newspaper and its formatting, working of Newsroom, Anchoring and Interviews, learn research methods to find useful and relevant info.

Noida Diary: I am a Seeding Journalist Workshop at Film City, Noida


Fun-filled and exciting speech and drama activities and role plays with 'creativity' as the central theme. All the activities at the workshop are designed to ignite children's minds and encourage them to think laterally. Certificates will be presented to the best participants. Registrations are open till April 17.

Age Group: 5-14 yrs
Where: The Nest Activity Center, B-35, Sector 36, Noida
When: March 20-April 21, 2016 | 9am - 5pm 
Contact: 9811201219
Email:, website
Facebook: First Personality
Activities: Personality development, Speech and Drama, Theater

Noida Diary: Confidrama Personality Development Workshop in Noida


One week clay modelling program where you and your kids get to play along with clay and create masterpieces. Carry a box or a bag to take them back with you. Clay and tools would provided by the studio. You are required to bring your set of water paints, brush and a rough cloth to wipe your hands. Also trim your nails and wear comfortable clothes. March 20 is the last date for registration. While March 24 would be an off on account of Holi.

Age Group: 5-8 yrs
Where: Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio, Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21, Noida
When: March 21-26, 2016 | 10.30am - 12.00pm 
Fees: INR 1500/-
Contact: 9971968689
Facebook: Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio
Activities: Clay modelling, pottery workshop, create clay pieces and color them, learn making pattern and textures on clay surface

Noida Diary: Claying Fun For March Holidays 

The Reading Club is organizing a Holi celebration for all the children in Noida. Holi with herbal colors, dancing to the drum beats and a story on Holi would be the highlights of the event. March 18 is the last date for booking your place for this fun-filled event.

Age Group: 2-15 yrs
Where: A-3, Sector 27, Noida
When: March 19, 2016 | 11.30am - 12.30pm 
Contact: 9810404169, 9818493515, 9810279050
Facebook: The Reading Club
Activities: Holi celebrations, music and dance, story telling

Noida Diary: Holi Celebrations for Kids in Noida If we have missed out any great activities and workshop for kids in Noida do let us know. Also do not forget to tell us your experience in the comments section. Have a great time!

Images:  Sourced from organizers' Facebook pages

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