Noida - My Heimat

NOIDA is an acronym for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. In today's world when short message texting is the latest fad and part necessity imposed by word limits, almost everyone is warming up to the idea of shortening the words. Noida city is flag bearer of this trend - how cool is that!

Modern in its town planning with large open spaces, immense green cover and world class infrastructure, Noida is the IT hub of North India. Flanked by river Yamuna on one side, it is a beautiful city with a mix of high rise buildings and sprawling bungalows.

Noida Diary: The Great India Place Mall, Sector 38A, Noida
The Great India Place Mall, Sector 38A, Noida

The Mall Street, flanked on both sides with huge malls on the MPII (Master Plan II) road of Sector 18-38A, convincingly earns Noida the moniker of 'City of Malls'. Mall Street along with markets in posh Sector 18 and Atta market is any 'Shopper's delight'. The Great India Place Mall along with other properties in the Entertainment City of Sector 38A makes it the best hangout for people of all ages. Newest addition, DLF Mall of India touted as the biggest mall in India, is serious competition on the block.

Life in the city is pretty laid-back yet being the suburb of national capital Delhi, there is hustle-bustle all year round. Not to forget the events calendar! Noida's event calendar is choc-a-block full throughout the year with lovely flower shows, car rallies and expo, music events, fairs and festivals celebrated with full fervor.

Noida Diary: Noida a Hub of Construction Activity
 Noida a Hub of Construction Activity

Noida is the hub of construction activity, with several infra and housing projects underway. Fast-paced development that is happening in the city contrasts beautifully the easy-going attitude of city dwellers, who are much rooted to their place and culture. The city seems constantly building and in the process growing and changing. This exactly reflects our lives, constantly growing and embracing the change moulding our character. 

Noida Diary: Metro Rail - Lifeline that Connects the City to the World
Metro Rail - Lifeline that Connects the City to the World

Well connected with metro rail and numerous flyways Noida is home to people escaping the crowded alleys of national capital for better quality of life. We too moved here from Delhi nearly a decade back and it feels home. Noida is my Heimat.

See where others feel at home. Discover their Heimat!

!Heimat (pronounced [ˈhaɪmat]) is a German word with no English equivalent. It is a feeling that this is the place where you belong?! 

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